unity and nvidia

Staszek Hodur staho at os.pl
Tue Feb 21 22:23:37 UTC 2012

I am trying to run Unity (3D) on my Lenovo3000 N200 with 
nVidia GeForce Go 7300. No way -- Unity2D is started.

I did a fresh install of 12.04 64bit (alpha1), then I had to 
manually apt-get remove nvidia*, as the X did not start. 
Today, having installed the update, I installed the 
proprietary driver for nVidia (system settings -> additional 
drivers -> nVidia current [recommended]). After the reboot I 
am able to log in and launch U3 manually; after about 30-40 
seconds it works... almost: the left panel is on top of the 
2D panel and the ubuntu button does not work (no menu). 
Well, I get windows shadows instead!

system setting -> details -> graphics shows "unknown" driver

So my question is: how to get it working properly? I know 
there is (was?) a configuration option to force U3 to load, 
I would rather not to force anything, though, wherever this 
option is.

It did work once, about a year ago or so. Is it possible 
that the graphic card itself is broken? How to verify that?

Thank you for your kind help
Stanislas Hodur


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