Privacy,history and search options

Petko pditchev at
Sun Feb 19 11:10:55 UTC 2012

  I like to keep it brief so here it goes :

1. The privacy compartment of the System settings withholds settings 
that rather correlate with the word "History" in browsers (that's not 
the main argument , but my view on things as a user) . As I write I saw 
that there is a separate History tab (and apparently there are other 
options in the compartment) , so my suggestion is to rename "Privacy" to 
"History&Privacy" , because now few people would relate what that 
compartment withholds and that makes it less usable .

2. Add indexing options (2) in the "Files" tab :
     a) Index these locations (a separate field as the one excluding 
locations to index)
     b) Recheck indexed locations (a button)


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