window-picker-applet GTK+3 port

Lanoxx lanoxx at
Sun Feb 12 23:55:26 UTC 2012


I have finished the port of window-picker-applet to GTK+3 [1]. I believe
the current version is stable enough to be used by normal users and I'm
now working on adding new features such as drag and drop window
reordering as it was requested in bug #356980 [2]. It is mostly finished
but I am busy with other things so it might take some time until I get
to fixing the remaining bugs.

As Andrew Starr-Bochicchio suggested I have contacted Guido Guenter from
Debian about uploading this into Debian but I am not very familiar with
building packages so it might take a while until this ends up in Debian.
Also Guido is not actually maintaining this anymore so if at all he
would only be my mentor and I would actually continue to maintain it in
the future.

Now, my question is if it would be possible to also get my code into
Precise first so it can still be included in the next release and then I
can work in parallel on getting the packages for Debian, so in the
q-series it could then be automatically synced from Debian.

Would anyone be interested in having a working window-picker package for
Precise and can possible support me with this? Is there still enough
time before the code freeze of Ubuntu? Or is the only way to get this
into Ubuntu by first getting it into Debian?

Feedback is appreciated.




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