Installing 12.04 on non-pae hardware

Jan Claeys lists at
Sat Feb 11 18:14:06 UTC 2012

David Henningsson schreef op vr 10-02-2012 om 17:44 [+0100]:
> It was decided not to drop the non-pae kernel flavour until 12.10, so 
> that non-pae computers would still be supported for five years.
> I happen to have one of these, I use it on a daily basis for IRC and a 
> few other things. So now I want to test 12.04 on that laptop, but when I 
> try to boot the daily live-CD, I get an error saying that my CPU is 
> missing the pae feature.

We have 5 or 6 Thinkpad R51 (bought in 2005 by one of our sponsors, and
donated to us a couple of years ago) capable of running Unity 3D in the
event boxes of our locoteam, which will become obsolete or at least
difficult to use because of this, so I feel your pain...  :-/

Jan Claeys

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