www.shockwave.com http://unity3d.com/unity/ - i smell trouble...

Remco remco47 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 10:41:49 UTC 2012

Google is developing Native Client (NaCl) and Portable Native Client
(PNaCl). OpenGL support is planned, so then serious games can be
deployed through the web platform in a platform-independent and
standard way. Another possible road to success would be WebGL. Both
these technologies already have more traction than something that we
could come up with for Ubuntu.


On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 11:21, HSO <adam at biznes.linux.pl> wrote:
> Shockwave Player not flash player - on page you link - no shocwave
> player for Linux... ona page you link.
> I am  proposing some like  API/backend  (colect form MESA/DRI/OPENAL)
> "mark of Ubuntu"
> base for make - a easy making plugin or porting a 3D applet/software.
> that  already exist.
> I found that no Authorware Player for linux... from page you link.
> If Microsoft know that not work in Ubuntu - then use that information
> i near further - for "killing" Ubuntu or other linux - an that will be
> bad...
> I use on may Laptop - only Ubuntu for me shocwave player an other
> applet - it's what ever - but for marketing of Ubunut an million user
> that use a shocwave player, or outher plugins like - iplex.pl wich
> work only in Windows and Mac... backed for ilpex.pl plugin it's
> viovidas player and allplayer...
> Or do some tutorial - for that company to make a porting
> app/plugin/canvas - to Ubuntu and *.deb files( deb is already) .
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