www.shockwave.com http://unity3d.com/unity/ - i smell trouble...

HSO adam at biznes.linux.pl
Thu Feb 9 10:21:21 UTC 2012

Shockwave Player not flash player - on page you link - no shocwave
player for Linux... ona page you link.

I am  proposing some like  API/backend  (colect form MESA/DRI/OPENAL)
"mark of Ubuntu"
base for make - a easy making plugin or porting a 3D applet/software.

that  already exist.

I found that no Authorware Player for linux... from page you link.
If Microsoft know that not work in Ubuntu - then use that information
i near further - for "killing" Ubuntu or other linux - an that will be

I use on may Laptop - only Ubuntu for me shocwave player an other
applet - it's what ever - but for marketing of Ubunut an million user
that use a shocwave player, or outher plugins like - iplex.pl wich
work only in Windows and Mac... backed for ilpex.pl plugin it's
viovidas player and allplayer...

Or do some tutorial - for that company to make a porting
app/plugin/canvas - to Ubuntu and *.deb files( deb is already) .

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