can we find a solution to bug #820895 (show Process Name in log files) (imaginative solution/description presented)?

nick rundy nrundy at
Wed Feb 8 16:55:43 UTC 2012

An application that merges apparmor and iptables (as a wrapper) would be fantastic! add a GUI to it that helps newbies use it and problem solved.

Perhaps Canonical could create such an application as part of their ongoing work with apparmor?

> On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Jason Todd <jtodd929 at> wrote:
> > Both MAC and Windows have applications for protecting users privacy
> > regarding outgoing internet connections. Control over outgoing internet
> > connections is a huge privacy area that is non-existent in ubuntu. Here's a
> > great little program for Apple MACs:
> >
> >
> > IMHO the lack of any sort of privacy protection for Ubuntu's outgoing
> > internet connections is a huge problem. Many users will not use Ubuntu
> > because they can't control their outgoing connections. I can understand
> > linux's lack of support considering it has traditionally been Server
> > Oriented. But if Ubuntu wants to succeed on the Desktop, it needs to address
> > this issue.
> Because apparmor and selinux never existed, right?  That's just what
> we need, another tool to do what two tools could do if they just had a
> single tool to merge them together.  How about we find a way to make
> an application that merges apparmor and iptables (as a wrapper not as
> a t ool that does them both) rather then trying to reinvent the wheel
> and then after reinventing it putting spinners on it so it's ugly.

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