can we find a solution to bug #820895 (show Process Name in log files) (imaginative solution/description presented)?

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Tue Feb 7 21:55:11 UTC 2012

Stop throwing around privacy like there is some big security flaw in
Linux, there are tools that do what everyone wants, it seems to me
that nobody is willing to even look or everybody is fed baby food,
what is the point of being on Linux if you aren't going to use the
terminal for what it's there for?  Try searching for once.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Jason Todd <jtodd929 at> wrote:
> Both MAC and Windows have applications for protecting users privacy
> regarding outgoing internet connections. Control over outgoing internet
> connections is a huge privacy area that is non-existent in ubuntu. Here's a
> great little program for Apple MACs:
> IMHO the lack of any sort of privacy protection for Ubuntu's outgoing
> internet connections is a huge problem. Many users will not use Ubuntu
> because they can't control their outgoing connections. I can understand
> linux's lack of support considering it has traditionally been Server
> Oriented. But if Ubuntu wants to succeed on the Desktop, it needs to address
> this issue.

Because apparmor and selinux never existed, right?  That's just what
we need, another tool to do what two tools could do if they just had a
single tool to merge them together.  How about we find a way to make
an application that merges apparmor and iptables (as a wrapper not as
a t ool that does them both) rather then trying to reinvent the wheel
and then after reinventing it putting spinners on it so it's ugly.

> I am really hoping you great developers can do something about this over the
> next couple years so that by 14.04 users will be able to control (and have
> knowledge of) outgoing internet connections on Ubuntu. Maybe Canonical can
> create an application that will provide these functions? I think for Ubuntu
> to succeed, Canonical needs to start devoting some resources to creating a
> high-quality application/program like this one. Being able to control and
> have knowledge of the Operating System and installed-Programs' internet
> connection behavior is an important privacy feature.

Because netstat no longer allows you to see location and application anymore.

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