can we find a solution to bug #820895 (show Process Name in log files) (imaginative solution/description presented)?

Jason Todd jtodd929 at
Tue Feb 7 20:42:03 UTC 2012

Both MAC and Windows have applications for protecting users privacy regarding outgoing internet connections. Control over outgoing internet connections is a huge privacy area that is non-existent in ubuntu. Here's a great little program for Apple MACs:

IMHO the lack of any sort of privacy protection for Ubuntu's outgoing internet connections is a huge problem. Many users will not use Ubuntu because they can't control their outgoing connections. I can understand linux's lack of support considering it has traditionally been Server Oriented. But if Ubuntu wants to succeed on the Desktop, it needs to address this issue.

I am really hoping you great developers can do something about this over the next couple years so that by 14.04 users will be able to control (and have knowledge of) outgoing internet connections on Ubuntu. Maybe Canonical can create an application that will provide these functions? I think for Ubuntu to succeed, Canonical needs to start devoting some resources to creating a high-quality application/program like this one. Being able to control and have knowledge of the Operating System and installed-Programs' internet connection behavior is an important privacy feature.

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> Robbie Williamson wrote on 29/01/12 21:39:
> > 
> > On 01/26/2012 11:12 PM, nick rundy wrote: ...
> >> 
> >> Just to be clear, I'm not asking that an application-firewall
> >> (as Jason Todd was speaking of) be created to solve this problem.
> >> I'm totally fine with a solution that doesn't involve a firewall.
> >> It's just that an application firewall allows me to solve this
> >> problem when I use Windows, so it is the only base of reference I
> >> have to speak to.
> I designed an application-based firewall interface to be part of
> Ubuntu's networking settings, but no-one has volunteered to implement
> it yet. <>
> > Sounds like nethogs can solve the problem of knowing which
> > processes are currently sucking down bandwidth.  As for your
> > indicator idea, I think a simple GUI front-end to nethogs would be
> > the first step.
> indicator-multiload can graph overall network traffic in the menu bar.
> > The application could reside with other system apps, and simply be
> > fired up when a user wants this information.  An indicator would
> > mean nethogs running all the time in the background, unnecessarily 
> > consuming resources, imho.  Anyone up for guifying nethogs? :-)
> > 
> > ...
> It's even easier than that. System Monitor graphs overall CPU, memory,
> and network use in its "Resources" tab. And it tabulates CPU and
> memory use, but *not* network use, per process in its "Processes" tab.
> So all that's missing is a column for network use in that table.
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