please include amsn back in ubuntu quantal

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Wed Aug 29 15:16:43 UTC 2012

Hi Gianfranco (2012.08.29_07:03:26_+0200)
> Hi everyone, as you know amsn has been removed from debian/ubuntu
> because it had some CVEs and no upstream support.
> Now the problem is fixed, with the latest 0.98.9 version there is no
> known CVE anymore.

amsn 0.98.9-1 is currently in the Debian NEW queue.

It will be synced into Ubuntu (semi-)automatically in the next release
(r-something, 13.04).

quantal is already in feature freeze
However, it's still possible to sync it, once it's got through the
Debian NEW queue. File a sync request with an FFe.


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