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German Larrain M. germanlarrainm at
Tue Aug 28 20:24:27 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Before anything, let me congratulate you for the wonderful job you do
creating all these packages, useful for many people, many of whom are not
experienced enough to build each library themselves. Second, please forgive
if I don't comply with any guidelines there might exist since I'm new here.

The reason I'm writing is *ODE (Open Dynamics Engine), which is packaged as
libode1 and libode-dev*. The current version is 0.11.1 which is almost 3
years old (the lead developers in charge of that project didn't think
releasing more frequently was useful and that the SVN trunk revisions were
enough. I disagree) and discouraged to use, according to messages in the
corresponding google group. The last release is 0.12 (May 28th).

*I would greatly appreciate if you could build libode1 and libode-dev with
the 0.12 version instead of the 0.11.1 version.*

Germán Larraín

PS: is there any way to search this mailing list? I just could not find how.

Germán Larraín M.
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