Are UI developers all left handed?

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Thu Aug 9 16:45:13 UTC 2012

On 08/09/2012 10:08 AM, Conscious User wrote:
> (2) when the hands return from the keyboard to the mouse,
> they frequently do it to access GUI elements that are usually
> on the left in most DEs.

This could be wishful thinking, the address bar extends across the
screen so you are assuming they always hit the left.  The search bar is
on the right, not the left and in Chrome it's the address bar.  The
close button on Windows (the biggest OS) are on the right, not the left.
 The only time they hit the bottom left or the upper left is when they
don't know a key command (which is rare since the vast majority know the
majors like F5, back and forward and the majors in most any text editor)
or when they need to open up an app, but as you already implied they
repeat the same tasks over and over again so that is still a rare occurance.

It could be just a conincidence but perhaps they chose a left biased
design because the human eye is naturally biased towards the left,
whether you read ltr or rtl, it's built into humans and it's also built
into dogs.  A lot of people don't notice but people tend to look left
before right... actually some people if they pay attention might find
that it's easier to move your eye to the left than the right, no matter
who they are, because again, it's built in. Yeah ergnomically it does
not fit, but visually it does.

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