Are UI developers all left handed?

Conscious User conscioususer at
Thu Aug 9 15:08:02 UTC 2012

Em 09-08-2012 11:30, Felix Miata escreveu:
> Dolts make that argument. People shop and bank online, and fill out 
> other web forms as well. No small number create email rather than just 
> reading it or re-forwarding jokes and pr0n forwarded to themselves. 
> Some even use them for business and run LibreOffice to create snail 
> mail, manuscripts and other things a mouse cannot create, and various 
> other apps to create such mundane things as web content.

The important is not really whether people use the keyboard or
not, but rather if

(1) the average user does it frequently enough for the effects
of inertia when returning to the mouse be relevant, like it was

(2) when the hands return from the keyboard to the mouse,
they frequently do it to access GUI elements that are usually
on the left in most DEs.

I'm just guessing, but neither seems likely to me.

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