Are UI developers all left handed?

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Thu Aug 9 07:31:51 UTC 2012

Am 08.08.2012 17:01, schrieb John Moser:
> Put your mouse pointer in the middle of the screen.

  Which resembles in most cases the starting point of the mouse pointer 
at the beginning of a session.

> Where does the pointer end up?

  At the end of a session it ends up where the logout button is located.

  Lets assume for simplicity, that mouse pointer starting position is 
exactly centered on the logout button, without further specifing, where 
this button is to be found on the screen:

  How many distance in screen resolution does a mouse pointer travel to 
the left and to the right during a session? If you summ up you might 
find out, that the overall distance in both directions is exactly the 
same since you have to go back to the logout button, which is about at 
the mouse pointer starting position.

  What was your point again?

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