How to install Precise without getting screwed?

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Sun Apr 8 05:26:50 UTC 2012

> Oh it goes well and truely far beyond that. Some pinhead decided to move
> /var/run to /run without leaving a symlink or informing and updating
> packages.
> I had an unfortunate 10.04 LTS system go unbootable until I got onto the
> console to fix it so networking could even come up since on that machine it
> was depending on dhcp and a handful of other things to check in via the FHS
> accepted and everything but ubuntu  /var/run. And this was a normal system.
> Whose stupid idea was *that*? The same moron who was pissing and moaning
> about moving all binaries into /bin or some other idiocy?
> I am so very glad I never bought the Linux desktop coolaide. Though I
> guess Windows 8 designed for mobile and tablets is getting pushed to the
> desktop too so precise may as well break the long standing /var/run
> practice of this is where pid files go without fixing any stock packages.
> </rant>
Michael and others,

I realize it can be very satisfying to deliver a well-placed rant, but I
hope I'm not "out of line" to remind everyone that without moderating our
language to be as unoffensive as possible, no web conversation can be very
productive.  The issues you've brought up are, of course, quite valid; I
only suggest that the conversation avoid inflammatory epithets ("whose
stupid idea...", etc.), and that we try to get to the root of whatever
problem exists with the help of those who generously donate their time to
Ubuntu, rather than ranting at those same people.  I realize that my own
language has been pretty blunt, but within the bounds of explaining an
issue, I hope I haven't been too offensive.

Also, if this thread isn't the appropriate place to discuss problems with
development trends, etc., then will somebody please inform me/us of where
such a discussion would be more appropriate?  I've taken the liberty of
posting my "essay" on my blog, at: case people find it more appropriate to deal with the issues there.
I'll make a point of moderating inflammatory comments there (hopefully
without stifling any worthwhile ideas in the process).  All are free to
comment on the blog, so long as we're respectful.


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