How to install Precise without getting screwed?

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Sun Apr 8 05:00:31 UTC 2012


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On Apr 1, 2012 6:23 AM, "Dale Amon" <amon at> wrote:
> With the release date for the new LTS coming
> rapidly, I am faced with a quandary. There are
> things in Precise which I need; I do not like
> to be behind the curve for updates and such;
> but I just *cannot* have my desktop mucked about
> with.

Oh it goes well and truely far beyond that. Some pinhead decided to move
/var/run to /run without leaving a symlink or informing and updating
I had an unfortunate 10.04 LTS system go unbootable until I got onto the
console to fix it so networking could even come up since on that machine it
was depending on dhcp and a handful of other things to check in via the FHS
accepted and everything but ubuntu  /var/run. And this was a normal system.
Whose stupid idea was *that*? The same moron who was pissing and moaning
about moving all binaries into /bin or some other idiocy?

I am so very glad I never bought the Linux desktop coolaide. Though I guess
Windows 8 designed for mobile and tablets is getting pushed to the desktop
too so precise may as well break the long standing /var/run practice of
this is where pid files go without fixing any stock packages.

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