GNOME Panel dropped in 11.10

Fergal Daly fergal at
Thu May 5 09:15:48 UTC 2011

On 5 May 2011 09:55, Alexandre Strube <surak at> wrote:
> On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 4:52 AM, Francis Bolduc <fbolduc at> wrote:
>> I'm left with this dilemma. Neither Unity nor GNOME Shell fits my
>> needs. What am I going to do in 6 months?
> Adapt and move on. And what is with the thing about do not recognizing
> icons? Do you have some psychological disability or are you just stubborn?
> (I am being serious here).
>> Am I missing something or the interface and the workflow I've been
>> using, and depending on, for the last 6 years is endangered?
> Not at all. No one said you need to upgrade, to begin with.

This is clearly not a long-term solution. At some point, not even
security fixes will be available and then upgrading will be
unavoidable. There are lots of reasons to want to upgrade before that

> Second, it is
> free software. Don't like what you see? Download the source, compile and be
> happy. You can even run gnome 1 if you want, sources are around.

Ubuntu is a product and this is a user, possibly even a paying
customer for all you know. He is explaining why recent changes make
him unhappy with the product. Ubuntu should listen to him. They don't
have to agree with him or make any changes because of one user.

The idea that rather than providing feedback, unhappy users should
just go roll their own version benefits no one. I hope it is not the
opinion of anyone of any importance within Ubuntu,


> If you want to stay using the latest version of GNOME, well, things are
> changing and are not under the control of Ubuntu. It is responsibility  of
> the GNOME team, and decisions were already made. If you upgrade, you agree
> with them. It is that simple.
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