Congrats on 11.04

Craig Bakalian craigbakalian at
Thu May 5 08:50:20 UTC 2011


I am also having many problems on natty.  Logging in and out is the
biggest problem.  Font smoothing doesn't work when logging in and out of
an account, or the only way font smoothing works is from starting up (re
booting), and the initial login from that boot.  If I log out from the
initial boot, and log in to my children's or wife's account, font
smoothing vanishes.

Also, I the background image vanishes and turns white if my computer
goes to sleep in full natty (the not-classic-mode). 

I must say that bug reporting has turned into a technical this-way and
that-way.  If the purpose of Unity was to enroll non-technical users bug
reporting must be improved.  I can only describe it as confusing or

Right now we are using natty with ubuntu classic no effects.  

Craig Bakalian <craigbakalian at>

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