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Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at canonical.com
Mon May 2 21:39:30 UTC 2011

Hi Erik,

On 11-05-01 01:09 AM, Erik Andersen wrote:
> o  One thing I just discovered is that a maverick VM that only has an IPv6 only
>    connection (and even an IPv6 mirror or apt package cache configured) will
>    not detect the natty upgrade through the update manager. If you run
>    check-new-release you get the right result, and if you run
>    do-release-upgrade it knows, but Update manager doesn't know until you give
>    it a IPv4 connection and then have it recheck for updates. Once it knows, it
>    will complain if of not being able to get the release notes if it is
>    switched back to v6 only.
> o  Network Manager has no settings tab for IPv6 on PPPoe connections. I'm not
>    sure if there's any standards for IPv6 over PPPoe yet.

The above two does not seems like they have been reported as bug yet.
Could you file a bug for these?  If you do so, please subscribe me (I am
etienne-goyer-outlands on LP).  Thanks!

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