Chromium vs Firefox?

Jason Todd jtodd929 at
Sun May 1 17:28:11 UTC 2011

Chromium/Chrome has a lot of problems that Firefox doesn't have. 
The only substantial advantages that Chromium/Chrome has is its multi-process design (stability), it starts faster, and its nifty method of showing downloads at the bottom of the browser window. And when Firefox gets Electrolysis implemented the stability advantage of Chrome will be eliminated.
Here are some of the problems I have with Chrome/Chromium:-lacks NoScript functionality handle MMS URL streams't close single window via keyboard does not apply to all windows functions fail when gtkrc 2.0 tooltips are turned off't cycle thru dropdown list with TAB key dropdown list does not list bookmark occurrences as thoroughly as Firefox does (I can explain more thoroughly if needed)-it is not possible to place a dropdown Bookmarks Button on the URL bar (users are forced to use crappy 3rd party options)-inability to customize/move Button placements on the URL bar-can't reopen closed tabs if in Incognito mode-Firefox is faster on many benchmarks is no print preview-there is no quick method of reviewing Recent Bookmarks without drilling down into windows/menus
I like Chrome a lot. But it can't compete with Firefox as a fully capable and mature browser. It's better as a minimalist occasional use browser.

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> Subject: Chromium vs Firefox?
> Has anyone yet brought up the potential to ship Chromium default rather 
> than Firefox?  At this point it's more advanced methinks, with the only 
> likely complaint being that you can't add NoScript or AdBlock+.  Ubuntu 
> doesn't ship these default anyway; if you want those things, you can get 
> Firefox yourself, as you likely already know what you're doing.
> For the privacy discussion, see SRWare Iron as a potential source of 
> ideas for changes to back-merge (or options to add).
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