fuse-utils, libfuse2 bug introduced in 2.8.4-1ubuntu1.3

Frank Myhr fmyhr at fhmtech.com
Fri Mar 25 18:35:26 UTC 2011


I'm reporting this bug to the list because it's listed as the Maintainer 
for the fuse-utils and fuse-utils packages. Basically, fuse stopped 
working properly with the 2.8.4-1ubuntu1.3 update around 2011-03-01. The 
bug prevents mounting sshfs or TrueCrypt volumes (and probably any other 
volume that depends on fuse). More details are in the bug report:


Apologies if you've already aware of this, but the bug has been open for 
almost a month and is still marked "New" and importance "Undecided". So 
just wanted to be sure the package maintainers were notified.


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