Enable debug in Firefox compile

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Wed Mar 23 23:37:49 UTC 2011

Will the relevant persons please ensure that the version(s) of Firefox
in the Ubuntu system include the debugging ability turned on?  Ie, if ff
crashes, it comes up with the stack trace, etc, & the notice that this
info can be sent to Mozilla to help find bugs?

I had to switch to the direct dl from Mozilla version, instead of using
the Ubuntu version, for this reason.  Their version lacked the useful
(K)Ubuntu customizations (windowing stuff, IIRC).  But, it _did_ have
the ability to help track down crashes.

Given all the people trying to crack systems through the browser, it
only seems prudent to ensure the maximum level of safety in Ubuntu
software.  This compels the necessity of having debug info available
_always_, for _all users_, so crashes can be diagnosed, & bugs found &

Failing to turn on debugging in probably one of the most used Ubuntu
applications (Firefox) just leads to Ubuntu having more bugs & problems.

Thanks.  :)

Where is the proper list to send this message to, in order to get the
debugging turned on in the Firefox new version (4) for Ubuntu users?

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