Anjuta IDE and Glade Interface Designer Ubuntu 11.04

Craig Bakalian craigbakalian at
Fri Mar 11 17:59:16 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-03-11 at 12:33 +0000, Shane Fagan wrote:
> Hey Craig,
> Im getting the glade bug too but you can still right click it and edit
> it and it should still work in the program. As for anjuta its a bug in
> the IDE itself thats causing it. I wonder has it been updated
> recently...

When I send the bug report to anjuta, I get an email telling me it is a
bug with ubuntu.  I actually tracked the bug, and it appears to be in
the libgdl, but I am not the best bug tracer in the world.  I could be
wrong.  However, when I look in my synaptic package manager, it does
appear that there is some version confusion about libgdl.  

Also, there appears to be gtk-3.0 and gtk3.0 in my synaptic.  Can anyone
clear this ambiguity?  Should I use gtk-3.0 or gtk3.0 on ubuntu 11.04?

Craig Bakalian

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