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> On 06/08/2011 09:52 PM, Gaurav Saxena wrote:
>> Hello
>> Could you guide me some points from where I should start my work and
>> which project could be done.
> Gaurav, it would be easier for all if you tell your experience in
> coding and technology so that a perfect project can be found.
> Examples can be
> Language - C or C++ or Python or C#
> Toolkit like Gtk or Qt
> or any other in which you have experience.
> Ok. I am more interested in C or C++ programming Also comfortable with
python. I am more of interested in projects dealing with hardware or
implementing a new functionality in Ubuntu like the one I mentioned a system
restore like functionality.

> Even if you have experience in any windows technology you can
> tell that so that your level of expertise can be gauged.

No actually I don't have much experience of windows technology. I don't have
an experience of working on big projects , I have worked on small projects
like a toy shell and a minimal file system.

> P.S: Feel free to drop by #ubuntu-in on freenode (It looks like you
> are in India). I am m4n1sh over there.

Yes I am from India. Yes sure I will contact you there.

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> Manish
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