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Wed Jun 8 16:39:30 UTC 2011

Robbie Williamson schreef op wo 01-06-2011 om 10:54 [-0500]:
> > I don't have much experience of working on large projects like that and this
> > is also a reason why I want to contribute to open source and to contribute
> > to my favourite open source software would be a wonderful experience. It
> > would be great if the community support my idea and it will be great if
> > possible that I could get a mentor for such type of project and a
> > certificate of completion for my academic benefit.

> An official certificate might be difficult, however I'm sure whomever
> you work with would be willing to provide an email certifying your
> participation.  Again, since the work is in the open, the need for a
> certificate of proof is much less ;). 

A official-looking certificate might still be nice, at least according
to the following talk given at LGM 2010 last year:

She explains that in some countries/cultures it's important to have
something to show to your family, as they are paying for your studies
and want to know why you are working without getting anything in return,
either money (a paid job) or certificates (e.g. a school, or an open
source project).

Jan Claeys

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