Set ttf-nanum as the default Korean font

Keechang Kim at
Thu Jun 2 18:25:23 UTC 2011

The following steps would be necessary to set ttf-nanum as the default
Korean font:

Replace ttf-unfonts-core (7.4Mb package size) with ttf-nanum (7.5Mb package
size) as the suggested package of ubuntu-desktop

Add ttf-unfonts-core and ttf-nanum-coding to language-support-fonts-ko

In fontconfig package, add NanumMyeongjo font (serif), NanumGothic
(sans-serif) and NanumGothicCoding (monospace) font families to relevant
font configuration files as preferred Korean fonts. In
69-language-selector-ko-kr.conf, these Nanum fonts families should replace
UnBatang and UnDotum.
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