Set ttf-nanum as the default Korean font

Keechang Kim at
Thu Jun 2 05:54:02 UTC 2011

There has been a full discussion, followed by a broad consensus, in the
Korean Ubuntu Users Mailing list (ubuntu-ko at regarding
the desirability of changing the default Korean font into Nanum font

There has also been a local attempt to distribute a "customised" Ubuntu
installation CD with ttf-nanum set as the default Korean font from the
installation stage onward ( ) by
bundo at

Chrome OS also adopted Nanum font as the default Korean font.

Nanum font is considered to be superior in quality and aesthetic appeal
compared to other freely available Korean fonts. It will greatly help
spread Ubuntu among Korean users. At the moment, most Korean Ubuntu
users take the trouble to change the default font to ttf-nanum once
installation is completed by creating a .fonts.conf file in their home
folder. But this is obviously not a satisfactory state of affairs for
vast majority of users who are put off by what they perceive as "poor
quality" Korean font without knowing how to change the default font.

Please consider changing default Korean font to ttf-nanum. To use Nanum
font from the installation stage onward, you may perhaps need to have a
slimmed-down Nanum package.  Nanum font comes with OFL

Keechang Kim
Professor of Law
Korea University Law School

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