"Long time no see" auto-text could be improved

Reuben Thomas rrt at sc3d.org
Sat Jul 9 18:35:12 UTC 2011

I just received, for the n-th time, the following apparently automatic
update from a bug report I'd filed:

Thanks for the report, it has been some time without any response or
feedback in this bug report and we are wondering if this is still an
issue for you with the latest release of Ubuntu the Natty Narwhal, May
you please test with that version and comment back if you're still
having or not the issue?

I find this wording rather irritating, because the bit that says
"without any response or feedback" implies that I should have done
something and didn't. Since the bug in question is not tagged as
requiring any sort of info or feedback, that's not the case.

Can I suggest that the wording be changed to something like this:

Thanks for your bug report; sorry we have not been able to look at it
for a while. It's possible that the bug has been fixed; could you
please check whether this bug still affects you with the latest Ubuntu
release (INSERT_NAME_HERE) and add an appropriate comment to this bug
report? By helping us weed out out-of-date bug reports, you can help
us spend more time fixing bugs!


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