Evolution in Ubuntu

Chris Jones chrisjones at comcen.com.au
Sat Jan 29 00:37:32 UTC 2011

I still don't see any real necessity to kick up such a fuss Paul.

Personally, although I used to use Evolution for my email, it was simply 
due to the fact that there was no other real suitable alternative.
I currently use Thunderbird on Windows. Sure Thunderbird is also 
available in Ubuntu/Linux but for some odd reason I always had issues 
with Thunderbird under Ubuntu. And I never have those very issues with 
the Windows version. Hence why I used Evolution.
But I agree with the other chap that posted, Evolution is buggy and has 
been for a long time. Obviously development has picked up and things are 
hopefully going to change soon.

And to put Maverick into perspective, it was a rather mixed bag of nuts 
I think. Probably due to the fact that original plans of using 
Gnome-Shell by default were quickly changed due to numerous delays of G3 
development. Still, I was rather happy with a fully updated Maverick 

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