Evolution in Ubuntu

Thomas Novin thomas at xyz.pp.se
Wed Jan 26 09:26:39 UTC 2011

On 2011-01-22 07:16, Chris Jones wrote:
>> I was definitely perplexed, then, to see that in Maverick, which is not
>> by anyone's standards a long-term support release and is running Gnome
>> 2.32, Evolution was left at version 2.30!
>> And now I've heard (not officially) that Natty, which (as I understand
>> it) will contain Gnome 3 as the base version, will ship with Evolution
>> 2.32!!
>> It's one thing to leave behind this package due to the confluence of LTS
>> and a major amount of rewriting, but what is the justification for
>> continuing to ship obsoleted versions of Evolution with every release of
>> Ubuntu?
>> Is this some sort of new policy decision, that Evolution will forever be
>> left back in every release?
> Hi Paul. I can understand what you are saying, but is it really that
> important to you? I'm curious as to why it's bugging you this much. Does
> Evolution 2.32 have a particular feature that you require?
> If you're keen enough, you can probably sneak in the updated Evolution
> into your own system from a third party PPA or something. I'm sure the
> deb files are available from somewhere on the internet. It might be
> worth your while doing a Google search for them.

IMHO Evolution is one of the buggier packages supplied as a default 
application in Ubuntu. I have used it pretty much every day since Feisty 
Fawn up until yesterday when I switched my last computer from Evolution 
to Thunderbird. I'm a big mail-user at work and and I use it pretty much 
privately also (so multiple accounts etc. I have experienced crashes 
from different parts of Evo pretty much once a week during these years. 
Sometimes the whole application, sometimes just the address-book, 
sometimes calendars.

It's a shame, I like Evolution better than Thunderbird (GUI and 
feature-wise) but I'm fed up with the instability and the slowness, 
entering a big IMAP folder take ages compared to how it works in 
Thunderbird. Searching isn't indexed in a good way so it takes minutes 
to get search results for some queries.

So I fully understand why you always want the latest version - there are 
always lots of bug fixed every new release.

IMHO again, I think more work has to be put into Evolution or it should 
be replaced with another MTA. The Evo developers are doing a fine job 
but probably they are too few and they don't seem to use Ubuntu so 
therefore not a big priority to get new packages into Ubuntu.


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