minimalist KDE in natty

Robert Simmons rsimmons0 at
Tue Jan 25 23:17:16 UTC 2011

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Felix Miata <mrmazda at> wrote:
> On 2011/01/25 11:05 (GMT-0800) Jim Kielman composed:
>> Felix Miata wrote:
>>>  Surely some of these shouldn't be requirements, e.g. *netbook* or
>>>  *games*. I tried just khelpcenter4, libdiscid0, okular,
>>>  libpoppler-qt4-3, software-properties-kde, language-selector-qt. Still
>>>  no go, but .xsession-errors size went down 3/4 to 32k. Maybe KDE is
>>>  currently broken?
>> Have a look at kde-standard, or kde-plasma-desktop, to see if they are
>> what you want
> Standard is too bloated, wants to install 64 more packages, including kmail,
> dragonplayer, kopete, kaddressbook, korganizer, kmix & knotes.
> Plasma-desktop --no-install-recommends or not held to 4: pd, kdebase-apps,
> kdepasswd, kwrite. I proceeded with PD, but still can't get past a
> mousepointer on a blue background. .xsession-errors remains 32k:
> After, no-install-recommends kde-standard still wanted to add 42, still
> including kmail, kaddressbook, kopete, dragonplayer, korganizer. I
> proceeded, and still can't get past a mousepointer on a blue background.
> .xsession-errors is down to just under 20k
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Well, I may need to put on a flame retardant jumpsuit here, but you
could look at the dependencies that FreeBSD uses for their naked KDE4
meta package and copy that and roll your own meta package.

It's all right there in alpabetical order with version numbers for everything.

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