minimalist KDE in natty

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Tue Jan 25 22:14:09 UTC 2011

On 2011/01/25 11:05 (GMT-0800) Jim Kielman composed:

> Felix Miata wrote:

>>  Surely some of these shouldn't be requirements, e.g. *netbook* or
>>  *games*. I tried just khelpcenter4, libdiscid0, okular,
>>  libpoppler-qt4-3, software-properties-kde, language-selector-qt. Still
>>  no go, but .xsession-errors size went down 3/4 to 32k. Maybe KDE is
>>  currently broken?

> Have a look at kde-standard, or kde-plasma-desktop, to see if they are
> what you want

Standard is too bloated, wants to install 64 more packages, including kmail, 
dragonplayer, kopete, kaddressbook, korganizer, kmix & knotes. Plasma-desktop 
--no-install-recommends or not held to 4: pd, kdebase-apps, kdepasswd, 
kwrite. I proceeded with PD, but still can't get past a mousepointer on a 
blue background. .xsession-errors remains 32k:

After, no-install-recommends kde-standard still wanted to add 42, still 
including kmail, kaddressbook, kopete, dragonplayer, korganizer. I proceeded, 
and still can't get past a mousepointer on a blue background. 
.xsession-errors is down to just under 20k
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