minimalist KDE in natty

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Tue Jan 25 03:58:22 UTC 2011

Is there a meta package to accomplish this? I don't want libreoffice, pim or 
desktop search, just enough KDE to have a functional DTE. So far from a 
minimal install I've apt-get installed akonadi-server, libakonadi-dde4, 
dbus-x11, libqt4-dbus, kdebase-bin, kdebase-data, kdebase-runtime, 
kdebase-runtime-data, kdeartwork, kdebase-workspace, kdebase-workspace-bin, 
kdebase-workspace-data, libkdecore5, libkworkspace4, plasma-desktop, xorg, 
xserver-xorg, xserver-xorg-video-intel and a whole bunch of other kde*, libk* 
& *x11* packages, but all I get is a blank screen with mouse cursor after 
logging in via KDM or running startx. No other DTE is installed.

Alternatively, can someone see in what the problem is well 
enough to tell me something else that needs to be installed?
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