[Oneiric-Foundations-Topic] networked client app updates

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sat Apr 30 03:58:44 UTC 2011

Scott Kitterman schreef op di 26-04-2011 om 14:14 [-0400]:
> Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> wrote:
> >John Rowland Lenton schreef op do 21-04-2011 om 18:23 [+0100]:
> >> * recently we had to upgrade couchdb in lucid for replication to work,
> >>   and the upgrade broke replication with the old version (which was the
> >>   reason we needed to upgrade), as well as potentially breaking couch
> >>   apps that only worked with the older version. What we ended up doing
> >>   was putting the fix in backports as the less onerous of the
> >>   non-world-breaking options we had. 
> >
> >Wasn't it possible to make the new U1 client(s) depend on a new package
> >'couchdb-for-u1' (just an example name) which installs in a different
> >location/namespace and doesn't interfere with the LTS version of it?

> Code copies complicate security support and post release maintenance.
> It's not forbidden, but definitely discouraged.

Well, there already *are* 2 code copies of course; one old version in
the "normal" repositories and the newer one in -backports to get U1
working.  My idea was that if those 2 versions were installable in
parallel, both U1 and other applications could keep working.  (Some
applications have support for such things in their build system which
would make this easy, others don't, and I have no idea if couchdb
supports it...)

Anyway, it's too late now, I guess.  ;)

Jan Claeys

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