[Oneiric-Foundations-Topic] networked client app updates

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Tue Apr 26 18:14:45 UTC 2011

Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> wrote:

>John Rowland Lenton schreef op do 21-04-2011 om 18:23 [+0100]:
>> * recently we had to upgrade couchdb in lucid for replication to
>>   and the upgrade broke replication with the old version (which was
>>   reason we needed to upgrade), as well as potentially breaking couch
>>   apps that only worked with the older version. What we ended up
>>   was putting the fix in backports as the less onerous of the
>>   non-world-breaking options we had. 
>Wasn't it possible to make the new U1 client(s) depend on a new package
>'couchdb-for-u1' (just an example name) which installs in a different
>location/namespace and doesn't interfere with the LTS version of it?
Code copies complicate security support and post release maintenance. It's not forbidden, but definitely discouraged.

Scott K

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