Congrats on 11.04

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sat Apr 30 03:07:36 UTC 2011

On Friday, April 29, 2011 10:42:50 PM John Moser wrote:
>   - Installing Gnome3 from the PPA really does completely hose the 
> system; after that, Unity and Gnome-classic break, only Gnome-shell 
> works, and Gnome-shell doesn't work with my ATi card (it skews the 
> contents of windows diagonally, ad uselessness).  Imagine that, I 
> ignored the warnings and something bad happened.
> Like I said, Ubuntu is Microsofting gnome-shell.  They're using their 
> market clout to squash a product that's better than theirs.  I'm waiting 
> to see Canonical try to absorb the GNOME team.

I wouldn't read too much into this.  Due to the timing of the Gnome 3.0 
release it really didn't (from a purely technical point of view) make sense to 
update everything to 3.0, so what you need for Ubuntu 11.04 and Gnome 3.0 are 
out of sync.  Several of the first uploads today when Oneiric opened were 3.0 
versions of Gnome things.

I expect you'll find Gnome Shell working much better in 11.10 than it does in 
11.04 as the timing is much better.

Speaking as someone who uses neither, I think there's no news here, just the 
timing didn't work out very well and the Ubuntu desktop developers quite 
reasonably focused on making the default system they were shipping work well 
for the release.

Scott K

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