Congrats on 11.04

Martin Owens doctormo at
Sat Apr 30 02:33:20 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 21:11 -0400, John Moser wrote:
> The Gnome developers are also upset at Canonical.  No idea why. 

It's because Canonical only ate their ice cream cone and wouldn't eat
their ice cream. I remember when Gnome developers* built a rocket and
visited the moon, brought back a whole ton of cheese.

I tell you one thing that'll stop people using Unity... if it doesn't
actually work. Hardware issues are a lot more pressing that design
issues, especially now that the design is much more demanding on the

Also I don't like that I can't write anything in python that looks like
Unity, I have to write it all in C and talk directly to OpenGL, which is
messy. If I tried to use Gnome3 then I'd end up having to write in
javascript, which I hate for no apparent reason.

Oh woe! Won't someone let me write cool stuff in python?

Yours with hugs and kisses, Martin Owens

* That ever fictitious collective aggregate.

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