Request to upgrade the assaultcube package in Multiverse Repository

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Apr 26 17:58:43 UTC 2011

Rafael Barreto schreef op zo 24-04-2011 om 18:54 [-0300]:
> This is the second time we try to call your attention over this same
> old issue.

When was the previous time?  (Do you have a reference?)

> The assaultcube version provided by your repository (1.0.4repack1-1)
> is *unplayable*, since our 1.0 masterserver was turned off almost one
> year ago.
> Also we would like to request to you to remove the outdated package
> from your repository as soon as possible. 

Is it really unplayable, or can people still run their own server?

> Please, we would like to know if we are responsible for packaging an
> upgrade for you. If so, please reply this mail providing us some
> instructions to create and send the proper package. We apologize our
> ignorance.

As David Henningsson explained, Ubuntu imports most packages directly
from Debian, so fixing this in Debian will also fix it for the next
Ubuntu version.

I suppose this issue is (at least in part) the result of an unfortunate
combination of incompatible release cycles though.  Debian focussing on
getting a release out every 2-3 years (and not having a focus on games
during the last part of that cycle), Ubuntu focussing on 6-month release
cycles (but being based on Debian) and you having your own release

I wonder if it's possible to create a games repository for Ubuntu that
has somewhat different rules from the existing repositories...  (or
maybe your game can be removed from the official repositories and moved
into the "extra" repositories to make it easier to follow your release

PS: I don't have anything to say about this, just trying to help you,
your project *and* Ubuntu...  :) 

Jan Claeys

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