An Open Letter to Ubuntu Developers -libraries

sam tygier samtygier at
Mon Sep 6 22:58:38 BST 2010

On 06/09/10 17:05, Tony Atkinson wrote:
> 1) Applications, and their dependence on desktop environment libraries
> Currently certain application rely on specific desktop environment
> libraries to operate.
> As examples,
> if you install kate on stock Ubuntu 10.04, you pull in 108 packages,
> totalling 330Mb

just had a look in a maverick live cd (testdrive is amazing :-) )

sudo apt-get install kate
108 new packages
76.7MB download
272MB disk space

sudo apt-get install kate --no-install-recommends
85 new packages
65.2MB download
238MB disk space

which is slightly better.

i suspect if the KDE libs were split more finely it would mean lots more smaller packages, longer install times, longer upgrade times and more work for devs. so it would be a compromise.


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