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Chris Jones chrisjones at
Tue Nov 16 05:54:02 UTC 2010

Maciej, even after reading your over-exaggerated post about the lack of
documentation and complete books on the topic of Ubuntu/Linux
development, I still don't really know why the hell you are getting so
worked up about it.

I develop as a side project (non-paid work). I've been using Linux for
years now but am relatively new to the development side of it. But I've
had no problems finding documentation, examples, tutorials and yes, even
books! They're all there readily available if you look hard enough.
I live in Australia and I can find them in my local book store(s). So I
don't know why you are having so much trouble.

I think you are forgetting one important factor too. Software
development is not limited and restricted solely to the operating system
and/or its capabilities, as you seem to be implying. But rather the
programming language and syntax used. That's where your boundaries lie,
regardless of OS.


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