call for testers: ibus with snooper disabled

Zhengpeng Hou zhengpeng-hou at
Mon Nov 15 08:47:49 UTC 2010

Hi all,
If you're using ibus and chromium/chome under 10.10, would you mind do a
test for us? We know that ibus has compatibility  issue with
chromium/chrome, after you press backspace during your input with ibus, you
will lose the ability to type with ibus any longer, you have to restart the
application, and this is caused by snooper using in ibus by default.
Actually, this compatibility issue might happen to other applications, so, I
made a ppa which includes disabled version ibus, I'd appreciate your testing
on it, if the disable won't have any negative impact, it will be disabled in
next release by default.
To install it, please open a terminal and run following:
sudo add-apt-repository  ppa:zhengpeng-hou/proposed && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Thanks in advance.
Zhengpeng Hou
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