Proposal: DNS cache by default for ubuntu-desktop

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Mon May 31 13:19:36 UTC 2010


For the last 2 years I've being attempting to submit my idea for an
enhancement for Ubuntu: a DNS cache by default. I have a blueprint [0] and a
post in BrainStorm [1] but never received a consistent reply, not even for
deferral. I was recommended to promote my idea in this mailing list. Here is

"Many OSes take the advantage of having a local DNS cache, like Windows and
MacOS. For my suprise, Ubuntu doesn't. Mostly, DNS request hardly change and
they have their own Time To Live value, so re-requesting each time the IP
address of a domain is pretty an unnecessary process. Setting up a DNS cache
for Ubuntu Desktop by default would enhance the desktop experience, save
bandwidth and speed up internet.

This has a huge impact on the performance noticed by the user mainly
when web browsing because to render a single HTML page, there are several
DNS queries, many of them quite repeated (like Google Analitycs or And the web browser has to wait each DNS query to be
completed to request web content, what could be cached and speeded up. This
affect so much the user experience that MacOS and Windows have both a DNS
cache by default.

I've been using dnsmasq (a lightweight alternative) on my computers to do
the job and it works great. By default, dnsmasq only replies to, so this wouldn't introduce security weakness.

Besides having a DNS cache (like dnsmasq) installed by default, the dhclient
add as the first name server in /etc/resolv.conf.

openSUSE is the only Linux distribution that has a DNS cache out of the box.
They just provide the nscd package installed by default.

This is a pretty easy, simple, powerful feature. I strongly recommend it to
be implemented."

How can I truly submit this proposal? My blueprint has been untouched and
unread for the last yo years.

Thanks in advance,

Kurt Kraut


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