Prevent people from updates with critical components

Joachim Langenbach joachim at
Mon May 31 08:51:24 UTC 2010

On Sunday 30 May 2010 12:27:21 C. Gatzemeier wrote:

> Of course this would expose existing issues to a broader audience up
> front, but that sounds like a good thing (as "release often" also
> somehow means "expose often".), not only for users not unnecessarily
> running into issues, but also for developers to focus on critical
> bugs in current releases besides new feature development.

Yes, that's a good feature. So I have taken a look at ubuntu launchpad site 
today. Nevertheless I never used launchpad, I think we basically have this 

1. Use existing fields
2. Add custom fields
3. Attach a special file to the bug
4. Add a special reply to the bug

Any other ideas?

Does anyone know how the releasenotes are generated out of the bugtracker?

Generally we must do this steps:

1. First filter out relevant bugs
    Possible Criterias:
      * Referenced Milestone
      * Importance
      * Status
2. Check for needed properties (like custom fields (See above))
3. Include it if the properties are valid

After 3. we have a list of existing bugs and now how to test for their 
relevant at the specific user machine and can display a related message to the 

This list must than be used by the updater to perform the checks.

Comments and improvements are welcome!

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