Replace F-Spot with Solang?

Marco Laverdière marco.laverdiere at
Sat May 15 18:27:25 BST 2010

>  Also, there were specific reasons as to why Shotwell isn't ready, but
>  for Solang it was just, yeah this isn't ready either. What
>  specifically would you like to see in Solang for it to be considered
>  ready?

  For me, wheher it is Solang (hypothetically) or Shotwell (as
announced), a decent replacement for F-Spot should provide the following:

- continuity for the regular Ubuntu/F-Spot user, i.e. ability to import
F-Spot tags easily, whether from F-Spot database or from pictures XMP
embedded metadata (ideally, F-Spot tag hierarchy should also be
preserved, i.e. for people, place, event. etc.);
-beign able to embed tags in file, preferably in XMP or otherwise, in IPTC;
- same (or almost) set of basic editing functions than F-Spot;
- same level of integration with other graphics/imaging  Ubuntu/Gnome
apps, like with Gimp and Eye of GNOME (F-Spot allows the user to switch
nicely to Gimp for advanced editing; EOG allows the user to open the
viewed picture with F-Spot, etc.).

In other words, let's avoid a regression here...

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