Replace F-Spot with Solang?

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Sat May 15 13:42:33 UTC 2010


According this article [1], Shotwell is replacing F-spot in Maverick.
Article says that this was agreed at UDS.

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On 15 May 2010 10:07, Danny Piccirillo <danny.piccirillo at> wrote:
> If i remember correctly, F-Spot had to undergo some big changes to meet the
> needs drawn up for Lucid, but i'm still not happy with it, and think it
> would make more sense to adopt a photo manager that is already in line with
> our needs. F-spots interface is so much nicer now, but i still get
> complaints of it being slow and the fact that it requires you to import all
> of your photos into one folder is...beyond words. I've converted many
> newbies to Ubuntu and F-spot has consistently been a major sore-spot. I
> always listen before giving my opinions on software with my new converts,
> and i never have to say anything about F-spot. If they don't complain to me
> on their own, i'll ask plainly what they think of it, and i remember the
> last answer i got was a prompt and strangely passionate "ugh, i hate it".
> All i do is direct them to the alternatives to see which they like most
> (solang, gThumb, or Shotwell). Now i'm not saying F-spot isn't a decent
> application. F-spot is solid, but we can do a lot better.
> Solang is an unfinished product, but looks to be very promising (though i
> hate to throw around that word). Solang seems to be doing things right, much
> like PiTiVi and Telepathy, but hopefully without any lack of features. Check
> this out from their FAQ (
>> Why write yet another photo manager? F-Spot, GThumb, J-Brout, Shotwell,
>> etc. rock.
>> In our opinion none of them integrate well with the desktop. They need you
>> to explicitly import photos from a directory and any meta-data that you add
>> (mainly tags) get inserted into their private database. We do not do that
>> anymore. We use Tracker ( for these purposes. It
>> allows us to automatically detect all the photos on your computer and any
>> meta-data that is added gets inserted into Tracker. So if you tag your
>> photos in Solang, you can use those tags from any other application on the
>> desktop (eg., Nautilus), and vice versa.
> If Solang can mature in time, it might be worth making default in Maverick
> or Maverick +1. The newest version (old one wasn't stable enough) isn't
> packaged for debian yet, but hopefully that won't take too long. Bug report
> for anyone
> interested:
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