Removal of PulseAudio from Ubuntu

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Fri May 14 22:53:03 UTC 2010

By introduction I'm a hack of a user and not all that aware of the ins and
outs of posting to this list let alone the development , configuration , and
liabilities  of PulseAudio . None of that is the point of my attempting to
post . (we'll see if this works ) .

I have gone out of my way to search for methods to remove and or disable
PluseAudio . My first attempt removed the entire Gnome desktop through my
own inattention. You may have seen like cases where "packages to be removed"
in synaptic includes the gnome desktop and dummies like me click through .
Oh well lesson learned . Subsequent efforts to disable and or remove
PulseAudio have been more successful and far less traumatic because I am
able to RTFM and learn from mistakes . I however am something more than a
casual plug and play user . I am competent if not occasionally dangerous at
the command line . I have skills acquired in the early days of *BSD and
Solaris . I am not afraid to tinker .

I am stating this history to make the point that for a common user that
barely knows what a bug report is let alone files one ..
Is a plug and play(pray) new Ubuntu user as an alternative to M$  and just
wants it to work
is capable of understanding the GUI and using software sources and synaptic
as well as the update manager
and can regularly tie their own shoes with out undo help .

Gentlemen and Ladies I have not had any success in total or in part with
PulseAudio . I have had a single trip to youtube for instance inactivate all
audio on my system(s) . I have had VLC not only fail to produce any audio
but seg_fault . I have experienced the aforementioned halting stutter and
"latency" in web stream , VLC , MoviePlayer and asterisk based softphones .
Suffice to say I didn't bother fixing or configuring it I just found the
least path of resistance to audio and deleted , disabled or otherwise worked
around it . I still to this moment as a step in installation of even, Lucid
stop just after all updates are installed  and find some way to eradicate

I just thought a response from the every day user (since 6.04) that has no
political nor development agenda might have some small use . If it works I
use it . If it doesn't I google it . If google turns up dissension and
wildly conflicting oping as to the cause of the malfunction I punt on third
down and in this case revert to ALSA which I have had success with .

Sorry for the rambling , non technical dissertation but I felt we the
users(if I dare speak for more than myself)  needed to be heard .

Thank You all for your time and patience


one of these days I will have an internet connection faster than my computer
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