Windows controls: new button layout

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Sat May 8 08:38:12 UTC 2010

Am Samstag, den 08.05.2010, 08:50 +0200 schrieb Davyd McColl:
> I'm just annoyed that this setting (and locking my workstation when it
> goes to screensaver -- probably others too) was applied on a
> dist-upgrade without any prompt. I don't want a macified interface --
> it doesn't feel natural to me, partly for the "uses Windows the rest
> of the time" argument (I work on Windows, home is mainly Ubuntu except
> for some games where I have to dual-boot).
> It would have been super-nice if a user's gconf settings weren't
> tampered with at upgrade. I don't ever recall an upgrade changing my
> config in the past. I don't know if the change came out of some system
> of overlays (I'm not a gconf expert, I'll admit), but it still would
> have been great if the post-install script could have asked me before
> just letting it be.
the problem here is that you very likely didnt have a user setting for
it (it wasnt necessary since the default pleased you). only the system
default changed and if there is no diff between your setting and the
system default there cant be any prompt (beyond that, your user setting
would just override the system setting silently if there was one).


PS: i fully agree that the new screensaver behavior is most annoying,
seems the desktop redesign in lucid added a lot of unnecessary extra
clicks slowing down ones workflow a lot (i suspect there is a secret
conspiracy between the DX team and mouse/keyboard manufacturers in the
times of touchscreen driven ipads ;) ) 
i'm a big fan of the new button layout (and no, i never was an apple
but i'm really doubtful about the indicator behavior of forcing you to
use three to five clicks through a menu where a sigle click was enough
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