Removal of PulseAudio from Ubuntu

Ryan Oram ryan at
Thu May 6 05:19:29 UTC 2010

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 1:08 AM, Daniel Chen <seven.steps at> wrote:
> Such is the pain of new code. We face this continually in ALSA and
> PulseAudio alike, and I don't see how any new framework can be devoid
> of such pain.

Until the implementation of OSS4 is ready and tested, infinityOS will
continue to use pure ALSA.

> What are your test plans for forward compatibility (which is the
> single largest pain for ALSA)?

We will track Ubuntu and Debian development and make changes to our
implementation to maintain compatibility. If this is determined to not
be possible, we will stick with ALSA.

> Leaving aside the nontrivial decision of selecting which PPAs to
> maintain compatibility with, it's worth noting that you'll be facing a
> moving target. Which Ubuntu releases do you intend to support in terms
> of compatibility?

Right now, infinityOS 1.0 Marvin is binary compatible with Karmic. We
will be looking to move over to the Lucid codebase in two months with
infinityOS 2.0 Zaphod. Maverick will likely be skipped because of the
late release schedule with Zaphod and that Ubuntu will likely be
moving to Gnome 3.0 with Maverick, a move that will likely comprise
stability in upstream for the short-term. We are seriously considering
only maintaining binary compatibility with every other Ubuntu release
(including each LTS), but we'll see how things go.


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