Removal of PulseAudio from Ubuntu

Daniel Chen seven.steps at
Thu May 6 05:08:16 UTC 2010

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 12:58 AM, Ryan Oram <ryan at> wrote:
> I apologize if I was frank, but problem with PulseAudio is that it
> does not always work with existing code.

Such is the pain of new code. We face this continually in ALSA and
PulseAudio alike, and I don't see how any new framework can be devoid
of such pain.

> Before OSS4 is implemented in infinityOS, I will make sure that
> everything works out of the box with the OSS4 audio system. It will be

What are your test plans for forward compatibility (which is the
single largest pain for ALSA)?

> subject to a considerable amount of testing. This is partly to
> maintain 100% binary compatibility with Ubuntu. I wish for infinityOS
> to continue to work with the Ubuntu repos and PPAs as I feel
> duplication of effort is unnecessary.

Leaving aside the nontrivial decision of selecting which PPAs to
maintain compatibility with, it's worth noting that you'll be facing a
moving target. Which Ubuntu releases do you intend to support in terms
of compatibility?

Finally, maintaining 100% compatibility is unrealistic. By virtue of
using OSS instead of ALSA, you've already increased the test surface
enormously such that you'll need to modify certain base packages (if
you intend to do things in a manner consistent with Debian Policy).


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