Upstart (now, a very modest suggestion)

Ben Gamari bgamari.foss at
Fri Mar 5 18:54:48 UTC 2010

Excerpts from Patrick Goetz's message of Fri Mar 05 13:27:52 -0500 2010:
> So of course it only took a little digging to discover that smbd and 
> nmbd are now services started separately, and that (bizarrely) there is 
> now a winbind daemon which is still started from /etc/init.d, but 
> nevertheless a bit unnerving. (And why and since when has winbind been a 
> separate daemon, anyway?! But I digress.)

With all due respect, you are using alpha software. Documentation is
generally one of the last things to be completed. I would hope these
init changes will be thoroughly documented before release. Moreover, it
sounds like most of what confused you were changes in Samba's packaging,
not upstart itself.

> During the transition from Debianized Sys V Init to Upstart, how 
> difficult would it be to keep the comfortable old /etc/init.d scripts in 
> place, but so that these scripts simply tell command line users 
> something like:
Just use the service command. It's the way things are going to work
moving forward. It wouldn't be difficult to write wrapper scripts, but
we really do need to move beyond SysV.

> Again, some people, possibly myself, are old, feeble-minded, and 
> distracted with lots of problems that go beyond the function of basic 
> linux server services, hence discomfited when start/stop/restart 
> commands that have worked for 10 years are suddenly missing with no 
> explanation of how to proceed in the new world order.
Certainly, but if you are having difficulty with this, you probably
ought to stick with releases.

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